Glen Kernana Golf & Country Club Clubhouse


Since construction began at Glen Kernan Golf & Country Club, it has been the vision of its Owner and Developer, Mr. George Hodges, Jr., and it is his involvement and personal commitment to quality that will set this golf course apart from all others.

Ordinarily in the business of real estate development, a minimum amount of land is donated to golf and a maximum number of lots is demanded. During the planning of Glen Kernan, however, the focus was not on the number of lots we could obtain but rather on the overall quality of the project. Eighteen hole golf courses with their associated lakes usually require 150 to 180 acres. Glen Kernan's Golf Course and lake system constitute 260 acres. Lot lines and home sites are further removed from golf than on other area courses, creating a more open atmosphere, more enjoyable playing characteristics and greatly improved aesthetics.

The natural elevation of the Glen Kernan property and excellent drainage characteristics provided another opportunity that is unique. We have adopted a design and engineering concept that will establish home sites on natural grades as high as 40 to 45 feet above sea level. The elevation of the lakes, on the other hand, is as low as 23 feet in elevation. This differential in elevation is the key to allowing the golf course to be sculpted into existing terrain. The fairways twist and turn and have more vertical roll than other courses. Some areas of the course may feature holes that are more reminiscent of those found in the foothills of North Carolina, rather than the flatlands of Florida.

The design and construction concept is another major commitment on the part of the Developer. Glen Kernan required the excavation of more than 1.3 million cubic yards of earth, about four times the amount of excavation of the typical area golf course. he end result is a golf course that is loaded with character, dramatic fairway movement and very high aesthetic quality.

Glen Kernan's design style could be classified as Traditional, but with a modern flair. Large tees provide great flexibility to better accommodate golfers to all abilities. Generous landing areas and larger greens appeal to the average golfer. Large bunkers, water features and native vegetated areas are strategically placed to challenge the area's top players. These features sweep diagonally across a umber of holes nonvoting bold players to take certain risks and yet allowing less experienced golfers to take a slightly longer but safer route around. Pre-shot planning and good shotmaking will be well rewarded. The golf course presents thought-provoking situations throughout, motivating all who play and maintaining the highest levels of interest. It showcases an abundance of variety and creates exciting and memorable golfing experiences time after time.

Glen Kernan features superior playing surfaces. Steps have been taken to acquire and establish the most recently developed and improved strains of Bermuda grasses for tees, greens and fairways. These grasses insure better density, quicker recovery, smoother/faster putting surfaces and greater color. The golf course at Glen Kernan is the first to introduce some of these new grasses to the Jacksonville Area.

Glen Kernan is like no other simply because of the very high standards established by its Developer. Mr. Hodges' personal commitment to this project, his interest in promoting the game of golf and his dedication to quality allows the Glen Kernan Golf Course & Community to set new standards. What greater tribute could there be to the project's namesake, his wife, Kernan.